Donate NOW!!!!

So thrilled with all of my Rocks4Rover supporters. I am well over the $5000 mark, but I would like to be even higher and reach my goal. The shelter is so full of adoptables that need to be fed and cared for. Wouldn’t you like to contribute to keeping them happy and healthy until they find new owners??

CLICK HERE then enter the amount that you can donate.  Even $1 would be GREAT (we’d prefer a little more, but every single dollar counts).  Make sure to choose Corbin Snow as your FAV dancer.  Thanks so much for your help.  If you are able to contribute $15 or more and want a limited edition CorbinRocks4Rover t-shirt, just send me an email and let me know what size.  Please do it soon as we have limited amount of shirts and they’re going like HOTCAKES.  



About corbinrocks4rover

A Dancing Fool Who Wants Nothing In The World But To Boogie AND Raise Lots Of Money For The Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA. View all posts by corbinrocks4rover

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