My Dance Partner

I had my very first dancing lesson yesterday at the Spin City Dance Studio in Orange. Robin Grimsby is my new partner and yesterday was SO MUCH FUN! Robin set up her video camera on the tri-pod, so I will be able to share her video with you soon. Up till now, my dancing prowess has consisted of just a little hip shaking and toe tapping… the occasional leap in the air. But this is serious stuff this dancing – and I really think I’m going to enjoy it.

Robin is terrific and I’m hop"Robin Grimby, Spin City Dance Studio"ing she’ll agree to be a guest blogging on the Rocks 4 Rover site in the future so you’ll get some behind-the-scenes information about the bruises that I’ll probably inflict on her toes. Robin gives lessons in all sorts of dance moves at her studio in Orange, she’ll also host dance parties and (obviously) graciously volunteers to dance for REALLY worthy fundraisers (ie CASPCA Critter Ball Dancing With the Stars).

Within two years of starting to dance, Robin was winning Gold medals and top placements in her division. She is now ranked in a very competitive division called “All-Stars.” This is a level above Advanced where she dances with and against other pros and semi-pros. It remains important to Robin to continue competing in her division and moving up. It challenges her to work on her dancing at all times and to serve as a positive example to her students. Eight years later, she is dancing Pro-Am competitions with her students who are now winning Gold medals of their own!

Stay tuned for the video and if you like what you see and want to dance like ME, give Robin a call at 540.460.2101.  Guys and Gals alike can learn the move and shake like they’ve been doing it all of their lives.  Give it a shot.

Toodles for now.  Catch you on the flip side.



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